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It's kind of funny, given your actual clientele, to think of you as "family practice".

But isn't draining abscesses one of the few things which old-time doctors actually could and did do? Though admittedly, they probably didn't use a sterile needle to do it.

Aspirin is a bit of a bitch to extract. As are antibiotics.
There's a time-travel series I've been reading where the modern folks thrust into the past use chloramphenicol for almost everything, because despite its very serious (though rare) side effects, it's the only antibiotic they can actually make, and the risks are a heck of a lot better than bubonic plague. Yes, they know that penicillin can be made from mold, but which mold? If you culture a mold and extract it, you're going to get something, but is it going to be safe and effective penicillin, or something completely different which may not be safe nor effective?