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It can, but not without humongous harm. We'd be wiping out all our present trade agreements (not just with the EU, but with the world), and causing hundreds of tariffs to spike up for imports and exports, and instantly loading insane amounts of red tape on business. We'd become a hugely unattractive place to do business.

Small businesses will be hurt the most from it, as they tend to trade mostly with Europe, if it all, as our largest and nearest trading bloc. Large corporations can weather the storm better, but they'll still be hurt, or simply leave.

What's more, if we simply opted for No Deal, then all that would happen is that the UK would descend into chaos and malaise, and when we emerged to seek a new trade deal with the EU, the EU will simply dust off the Withdrawal Agreement and tell us to sign that first before they discuss trade.

No Deal is pointless and harmful.