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Originally Posted by StarvingButStrong View Post
Cersei and her maybe pregnancy. The way they showed her cupping her belly at the end of last season, you'd have thought she was far enough along to have a belly bump. But she didn't look significantly pregnant this episode -- and Euron should have gotten a very close look while having sex with her, and his comment about putting a prince in her belly shows he wasn't at all suspicious.
I also thought I remembered seeing a baby bump. And in a normal world, she should be several months into her pregnancy by now. The first couple of seasons made it a point to drag out how long it took to travel from one side of Westeros to another.

The only way to reconcile what we're seeing in this season is to assume that time has stopped. Castle Black is closer to Winterfall that any other major location. The White Walker army should have beat everybody else there or be lurking on its doorstep. Cersei should be massively pregnant. The dragons should be eating the corpses of the thousands of Dothrakis dying from the cold. Instead it's time loops all the way down.