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I think you guys are missing a thematic point about Jon Snow's leadership and savvy. That's understandable, since the show's writers did too.

We all think of being Ned Stark as being dumb, but that's an oversimplification. Who wouldn't want Ned Stark's leadership right now, rallying the world against the army of the dead? Ned Stark was bound strictly by a code of honor. His code of honor was an effective, positive trait for ruling the North. Life is hard in the North, they don't have the luxury of big harvests and mild winters that allow the rest of the Seven Kingdoms to have enough prosperity to waste a lot of it with in-fighting and playing the Game of Thrones. You have to have loyalty and unity up North, and wise leadership, otherwise everyone is going to die when winter comes. Even regular winters, not even end of the world army of the dead winters. So it makes perfect sense that a ruler from the North would need to be different than a ruler from anywhere else. Ned Stark was a great ruler, a wise man, and a good man. If he had never gone south, he'd be leading a united, relatively prosperous, peaceful North against the army of the dead. He just wasn't a southern ruler, and didn't have the ability or sense to account for that, because he spent his entire life up north. But that doesn't mean he was dumb or incompetent. It just means he had values that made him vulnerable to the snakes and backstabbers down south.

Jon Snow is very much Ned Stark's son, regardless of his lineage. Jon Snow is exactly the leader that the North needs now. He doesn't care about power, or ego, or having people kneel to him. He only cares about doing whatever it is he has to do to lead the North against the darkness coming for them. He is absolutely 100% the king the world needs now. The world needs Ned Stark, or Ned Stark's son.

So when you make fun of Jon Snow for saying something stupid or botching the politics, this is exactly the sort of thing that shouldn't matter, if everyone around him wasn't dumber or more petty or more concerned with their own power than he is. That's more their flaw than his flaw. Granted, if he was infinitely savvy, he'd somehow work within his own code of honor to be able to handle all of the various troubles before him, but no one is perfect. He's a believable character, he's Ned Stark's son, and he's what the world needs. Whoever in that world who doesn't realize that is undermining the chance the living have to make it out of this alive.