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Originally Posted by Brayne Ded View Post
Now the trade side. This is where you can see that Farage and the Leavers are in urgent need of a class in remedial economics. Currently Britain can trade with any EU country on the same basis, this would apply if more countries join the EU. After a Brexit it will be necessary to conclude trade contracts with every single EU member country. Tiresome, but it gets worse.
Countries outside the EU negotiate trade treaties with the EU, not with countries within it, so in fact the UK would have to have a trade treaty with the EU, as a whole.

I suspect both the EU and UK would want to do that very quickly as they have huge trade flows between them, but very quickly in terms of agreements means, oh shall we say, a couple of years. In fact very like the time it has already taken to get to an agreement that isn't being accepted by the UK Parliament.