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Yahoo issue - hack, spoof, virus or what?

So in the last 3 days I've gotten 3 emails containing nothing more than a link to a spammish site (local mom invents work-at-home-penis enlagement-type) from family members or friends.

Here's the issue- Those of us who received the spammails were all contacts of the person whose address appears to have sent the email.

They were also varied contacts - a friend, a nephew, a professional peer - not a cluster of people that would easily be gleaned from some other random email list that was being harvested.

However, no sent mail is seen in the 'hacked account', and it has happened quickly to multiple people. All of the accounts have been yahoo accounts. Two of the hack-ees, have been obligate mac users (only have macs, only use macs, no easy access to other computers.)

So is this a hack, a spoof, a virus or what?

Also, beyond changing their passwords asap, what do I tell them to do about it?