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And remember, it's not just how simple/complicated your yahoo password is, it's also where else you use it.

Every stupid web site wants you to have a login/password. It's frustrating to have to remember hundreds of passwords, so people tend to use the same password everywhere and the same login name (some sites use your email address as your login name).

If you use the same password everywhere, it takes just one of those sites getting compromised to compromise every other site. For example, last year the Sony Entertainment site was hacked. The hackers discovered that Sony was storing passwords and user information completely unencrypted. They posted the list of user names, birthdays, and passwords for the world to see. And, of course, a large number of those people used the same passwords everywhere.

Make sure your email password is unique. That is because if you forget your password on any other site, password recovery is usually involves sending a copy of your password to your email. You want your email password to be extra secure.

On the other hand, there are some sites where it would not be a major tragedy if someone got your password. If someone gets your password to your free Washington Post account, what are they going to do? Read some articles on your behalf? Those are the kinds of places where you can use a common password and cut down the number of passwords you need to remember.