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Didn't happen to me, personally, but was relayed to me by the receptionist at my dentist's office.

One of the patients at the office walked in the front door, nodded to the receptionist, picked up the wooden magazine rack and about 20 out-of-date magazines, walked out, put it in his car and drove off. There was nothing special about the magazine rack; it wasn't an antique or an art piece.

The receptionist was flabbergasted (excuse me ... "gobsmacked" for those Dopers more used to reading British papers) and thought it was a practical joke. She recognized the patient and waited for the guy to come back in and laugh about it, but he didn't. She told the dentist about it later, asking him if he knew what was going on, but he had no clue.

They got a call a little while later from a pawn shop, asking if they really wanted to sell the magazine rack. Apparently, the man went to the pawn shop with the rack and the magazines, and tried to pawn it. One of the employees saw his dentist's name on the magazine label and called the office.

The police were called and they arrested the man and the magazine rack was eventually returned. I believe the incident was eventually marked up as a "medication" problem, but I don't know whether it was "forgot to take the meds" or "needed to stop drinking the bong water".