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Originally Posted by Gatopescado View Post
I take the 5th!
I wont (statues of elimination and all).

Late 1980s my best running buddy and I are walking home soon before the bars close when someone driving a Chevy Camaro parks the car on the street outside a bar and dashes in to grab a last round, leaving his engine running. It was a very stupid thing to do, leaving the keys in the kind of car dumb punks nearly fondle themselves over and it was far stupider still for the two of us to hop in and take it for a ride.

We had been drinking which more serves to amplify than in any way mitigate how stupid we were being and if anything in this tail is to our credit it's that it didn't take long for us to realize we were no longer in youthful prank, slap on the wrist territory. We were both working more or less full time and taking classes as time and money allowed, we did have something like a career plan at work and a criminal record wasn't really part of that plan yet the simple adrenal thrill of watching that bar door to make sure it didn't open until we were cleanly around a corner while my friend drove is something I remember to this day.

Thankfully that thrill wore off in a big darn hurry, within a few minutes we were in what the hell do we do now mode. I don't recall deciding to rifle through the glove compartment but quickly I was looking at three different documents with the same address on them and it was only a few miles away. We stopped off at a gas station in part to top off the tank but more so to get a big handful of those paper towel things they used to give you to clean your windows with. As my buddy drove to this guy's house I was wiping down anything I thought might have our finger prints on (except the pieces of paper I had handled, this was pre CSI where ever).

After a judicious drive by to make sure no one was on the front porch or anything we left the car in the guy's driveway with almost a half a tank more gas than when we found it and with a considerably cleaner interior and door handles. We waited till we were a few blocks away on foot before we let ourselves laugh about anything.