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A couple pointless crimes, medically related:

I left my car unlocked in a shopping center parking lot while I ran into a store to pick up something. When I came out, missing from the passenger seat was the small shopping bag from an exclusive, expensive downtown store. It contained ... a fecal sample jar that I was going to drop off at the hospital lab.

Another time, I was recovering in the hospital after emergency hernia surgery, and the senior nurse told me about an incident with some of her student nurses. The hospital had a dorm for nursing students, located about a block away, through a wooded path alongside the river. One night, as they were walking down this path to go back to the dorm, 2 of her young nursing students were confronted by a man who jumped out of the bushes and flashed them. Now these students were doing their rotation in the hernia surgery ward, and had spent most of their day shaving & disinfecting mens' groins prepping for hernia surgery. That flasher certainly didn't get the response he wanted -- one nurse just said "I'm off duty." and the other just laughed.