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Originally Posted by BobArrgh View Post
I don't mean to pile on when a mistake has been made, but this one was just too good to pass up. Behold, caganer:

This was a term I was unfamiliar with until now. Wish I could say the same.

I didn't witness the crime but the aftermath. About 10-am one Saturday I went to my favorite model railroad hobby shop. Parked in front of the store were two cop cars. Since the shop was in a strip mall with a liquor store next door, I thought nothing of it but on entering the shop, from way way people were standing around in knots talking quietly, it was apparent that's where the cops were. Before I got an answer to my "What's going on?" a young guy in handcuffs was frog-marched out of the office along with a backpack being carried by one of the officers.

Turned out that at one of the hobby shops about two miles away a guy dropped his wife off at the back about 7-am to do the books. When he passed by the front of the store, he noticed the big window was smashed. Concerned for his wife he stopped and stuck his head through the empty frame which is when the stupid burglar alarm finally went off. The police and owner were called and the only thing taken was a G-scale (large) trainset on display. The owner called all of the railroad hobby shops in the vicinity with a description.

Sure enough, shortly after my shop opened at 9, in walks this kid who hauls out a loose G-scale trainset out of his backpack and asks if the shop would like to buy it. "Sure. Lemme take it in the back to show the boss so's he can set a price for it."

Kid waited for more than twenty minutes before the cops showed up.