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Originally Posted by Biotop View Post
Post an event in history that happened on the day/month of your post. Starting Day is July 10th, so until your calendar (or another poster's calendar) turns to July 11th, you can only post events of July 10th. Once a playing poster who is actually on July 11th (their time) posts for that next day, posts about July 10th are no longer allowed until next year. And so on through the year. In other words, once a legitimate new day post is made, the game is reset for that day. Therefore, if a new day posting has already occurred but it is still the previous day for you, you must wait until midnight or later for the new day your time to post to the game. Posts should have some historical value, but defining what that exactly means will be left to the players themselves. Simple right?


July 10, 1890 : Wyoming becomes the 44th state
Not as simple as me, I guess, with all that about being near midnight. Is the plan/rule that there will be only one event posted per day?