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Trudeau has been in the papers again, being criticized for his response to the railways being blocked by protestors. Cancelled his vacation. Said it’s up to police discretion to deal with the problem.

The right to protest is important. And police and politics should be as separate as possible. But I felt uneasy when folks were allowed to block the highways around Toronto over an obscure foreign dispute, and I don’t think continuing to block rail lines is reasonable given its importance to our country.

No one wants a repeat of some previous crises where responses were excessive. But it is wrong to hold others hostage over a mild to moderate grievance. I see pipelines as necessary and think real and reasonable consultation with stakeholders important. The original consultations were slipshod. But it still has to be possible for Canadians to do business, and sometimes that means enforcing the law, hopefully with compassion and fairness, if diplomatic talks are not progressing. Much reconciliation work may remain, but this simply is not the avenue for change. It causes a degree of ill will. It sets a poor precedent and regrettable example. I don’t know the answers, but I know this isn’t the way they should be found.
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