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Originally Posted by dalej42 View Post
Klobuchar and Warren. Amy showed she wasn’t ready for prime time with the Mexican President question which she flubbed again. She has no campaign infrastructure, she got a nice shot of cash but too little too late.
Have these types of zingers ever worked? I think every modern presidential candidate has been the subject of "OMG! He/she could not name the Speaker of the Cambodian House of Representatives!" criticism and I cannot recall once where that was a factor in torpedoing the candidacy.

I follow the news extensively and would not have known his name without googling. Of course, you could say that I am not running for President of the United States, but so what? You don't think a President could sit down for 15 minutes, learn about Mexico's president and be prepared to conduct diplomacy from there?

Sure, there are exceptions. If she didn't know who Boris Johnson is, for example, that would show a bit of complacency as he has been in the news constantly for the last year.

But my point is that these little trivia contests, while all the rage in the media, really haven't shown to be a factor for voters.