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Originally Posted by CarnalK View Post
This is ridiculous. It would be really bad if she didn't know Boris Johnson, just like if anyone who reads the news should be embarrassed not to know him. But the President of Mexico is President of a major trading partner and a neighboring country. Frequently in sparring matches over immigration. It is nothing at all like some rando politician in Columbia. She's in the damn Senate, does Mexican policy never come up in discussions?
I'm sure it does and it comes up often. I don't know why that means that the name of the Mexican president would come up often in those discussions or why it would be something that would stick in your head as something to remember. I remember Vicente Fox because he was in the news and outspoken, but since him, I've got nothing.

These questions are unfair because not everyone, even very intelligent people, processes things the same way. Many people can tell you everything about a movie they watched, but can't tell you the title, or they can describe everything on a certain street, the buildings, the restaurants, the signs, the colors, but can't tell you the name of the street.

Plus, his name is Andrés Manuel López Obrador. That's not something that sticks in the brain of English speakers nor does it roll off the tongue. I think that is pretty forgivable.