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Originally Posted by Hatchie View Post
Collateral damage report: Chris Matthews just announced that he and his show Hardball are ending their run on MSNBC. This, after the controversy surrounding his remarks following the New Hampshire primary (or was it the last debate? I'm a bit fuzzy on that) to the effect that Bernie Sanders' eclipse of Joe Biden was like the Germans sweeping into France. No, he didn't say Bernie was like the Nazis. But it left a lingering bad taste the in air, and although he didn't give a reason why he was calling it quits today, it would seem the pressure was on him to move out. So it goes. wasn't because of that. It was because of his sexist misogynistic attitude in his interview with Warren which lead to Laura Bassett writing this article about her encounters with Matthews. Not collateral damage. A sexist misogynist got called out on his sexist misogynistic behaviour and he threw a fit and walked off the job. No great big mystery here, and no great big deal. Good riddance and about time.