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Originally Posted by BobLibDem View Post
I liked Hardball, but honestly Matthews was not the sharpest knife in the MSNBC drawer. I wouldn't mind seeing Donny Deutsch getting another shot, his Saturday Night Politics had the misfortune of airing on Saturday night. Another one I'd like is Katy Tur, she's bright and asks relevant questions. Maybe Nicole Wallace deserves a better time slot as well. Good chance to shuffle the lineup, listening to Matthews constantly interrupting his guests was grating.
Yeah, I've liked Matthews but lately he's been pretty tone deaf. I know he's a political junkie but he's 74, married and has plenty of money. Retiring isn't a bad idea. Time to chill and enjoy life. Travel. Write more books. And I will be a bit surprised if he doesn't show up as a "special correspondent" during the conventions and election.