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There is about a 0% chance of Bernies plan getting through a democratic congress. They couldn't even pass single payer in Vermont where democrats and progressives control almost 80% of state legislature seats. If Vermont (one of the most liberal states in the nation) can't pass it, then there is no chance national congress would pass it.

Bidens plan may pass, but all the aspects that make wealthy corporations angry will be taken out.

A medicare buy in makes hospitals, pharma and insurance companies mad. So it will either be taken out, or the reimbursement rate will be hiked so much that it costs the same as private insurance.

Bernies plan has an actuarial value of 92% or something like that.

Here is Biden's plan.

What will probably pass (assuming the democrats win congress) Is most of Bidens plan, minus all the things that make medical companies mad.

So a medicare buy in, buying Rx from overseas, making it easier for generic manufacturers to make drugs, antitrust efforts, medicare negotiation of prescription drugs, etc will all be taken out.
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