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Originally Posted by Sterling Archer View Post
Well that’s depressing. That sounds like nothing would improve from the ACA, for most of us. I have hope that a public option could become reality but it’s going to take willingness to kick the insurance industry in the teeth.
Some things will improve, but my guess/impression is best case scenario what will happen is this.

The subsidies in the ACA will increase. Instead of premiums maxing out at 10% of gross income they'll max out at 8%. Also subsidies will be tied to a gold plan (80% actuarial value) instead of a silver plan (70%). Plus they'll eliminate the 400% FPL cap on subsidies.

Biden may also pass some subsidies so people who get insurance through work pay lower deductibles.

And hopefully there will be some consumer protections regarding balance billing and out of network charges.

other than that, all the other reforms make rich people mad so the democrats aren't going to pass them. Same thing happened with the ACA, pretty much everything that made powerful corporations mad was taken out.

The 'problem' with a strong public option is that medicare costs less than private insurance. It has lower reimbursement rates and lower overhead costs. So private insurance can't compete with it. People won't pay $500/month for private insurance when medicare is $400 a month and a superior plan. But also hospitals and doctors don't want a public option since reimbursement rates are lower than private insurance.

If we do get a public option, they'll probably hike the reimbursement rates to 200% or so so that it costs the same as private insurance.
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