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I think it's fine having states with a low number of Democratic voters having a number of primary delegates proportional to their Democratic vote in the last election, which is similar to what happens now. After all, they're getting less of a say than the bluer states relative to their population: even if it is not as low as their actual influence, it is a simple system and something is to be said for simplicity.

However, states like California are another story: since, if I understand correctly and I might be wrong, bluer states still have primary influence proportional to their Democratic vote, I think all that extra influence is indeed harmful to electing electable candidates. For states that already voted Democratic, I'd cap their delegates as proportional to half the votes in the general election. So for a 100% democratic-voting state, each primary voter would only have half the influence that they do in purple states since the number of delegates would be based on 50% of the population.

I think this is as complicated as I think I'd want to go as far as how many delegates each state gets. But to further enhance the power of purple states, you could have the states with the lowest absolute margin of victory get the first primaries: that way the small states and the purple states would get a chance to winnow out the field before the states that aren't in play chime in.