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Originally Posted by Buck Godot View Post
But his entire strategy rested on the idea of skipping the small early states so that he could get a jump on a Super Tuesday. If he couldn't even come close to winning on the day that he had spent the most money and effort on, how is is going to pull it off going forward. Also he realizes that if he stays in he's, at best, going to be a spoiler for Biden, and who he (rightly in my opinion), thinks has the best chance of beating Trump. So for his political goals he's best off dropping out and spending his money promoting Biden rather than himself.
Yeah, I don't think Bloomberg's ambition was so much being president, as it was beating Trump. When he got in, it was because he didn't think the Dem field was moving in a direction that would prove victorious in November 2020. I think he's a little more confident in that now, and is therefore comfortable dropping out and throwing his weight and massive billfold behind Biden. For all the bad things people say about Bloomberg, I think he was in this because he had the same goal as all of us: To beat Trump. And I don't hold his extensive wealth against him, I actually welcomed it because I considered it to be a great asset for the Dems in the political system we currently have.