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Originally Posted by Sterling Archer View Post
Biden says he supports a public Medicare option, plus increasing tax credits for those who choose it (or choose a plan on the gov exchange, Iíd guess), and further expanding Medicaid so states canít just turn it down and screw their people over. He has referred to it as ACA+ in the past, but that Medicare option is the big game changer. The insurance industry is gonna fight like hell to prevent that.

Bernie supports Medicare for all... or does he? I thought in the past he wanted full coverage single payer, which would go way beyond M4A and work more like the UK where you never see a bill at all.
Bernie has NAMED his UHC socialized medicine plan "Medicare for all" altho is has nothing whatsoever to do with Medicare.

Bidens plan could pass. It's pretty minimal.

Bernies plan is the cadillac plan, and can't possibly get thru congress.