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Originally Posted by Buck Godot View Post
...So for his political goals he's best off dropping out and spending his money promoting Biden rather than himself.
Originally Posted by Happy Lendervedder View Post
Yeah, I don't think Bloomberg's ambition was so much being president, as it was beating Trump. When he got in, it was because he didn't think the Dem field was moving in a direction that would prove victorious in November 2020. I think he's a little more confident in that now, and is therefore comfortable dropping out and throwing his weight and massive billfold behind Biden. For all the bad things people say about Bloomberg, I think he was in this because he had the same goal as all of us: To beat Trump. ...
Yes. If this had been an ego trip he'd still be in. But now that he's seen the Democratic party get behind Biden--including the choices of Buttigieg, Klobuchar, and Steyer to get out fast--he's confident we're on the right track to get Trump out.

Originally Posted by KneadToKnow View Post
Anyone done the math yet on how much each vote he got cost him?
I shudder to think at what good could have been done in the world with that money.
What's been done with that money is:
***create an infrastructure that he will continue to fund: offices and staff in crucial states, ready to work to get out the vote in November, and
***pepper the airwaves with ads ridiculing Trump and pointing out what a disaster Trump has been for the USA, in every way.

None of the money Bloomberg has spent is wasted, in my view. He's been investing in American democracy. He knows that if Trump remains in office, we will have lost the republic---and the chances of getting it back may be dismal for generations.

Staffing of offices: