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Originally Posted by Happy Lendervedder View Post
Yeah, I don't think Bloomberg's ambition was so much being president, as it was beating Trump. When he got in, it was because he didn't think the Dem field was moving in a direction that would prove victorious in November 2020. I think he's a little more confident in that now, and is therefore comfortable dropping out and throwing his weight and massive billfold behind Biden. For all the bad things people say about Bloomberg, I think he was in this because he had the same goal as all of us: To beat Trump. And I don't hold his extensive wealth against him, I actually welcomed it because I considered it to be a great asset for the Dems in the political system we currently have.
I think his short run was a vanity project for him (although he may have convinced himself that his primary motivation was beating Trump for the good of the country).

New Yorkers haven't forgotten his shady back-room deal to snag himself a third term as mayor, in violation of the city charter. That's the real Bloomberg.

I'm glad he's out. If he had by some miracle taken the nomination, I'm not sure I would have voted Democratic. Hey, there's a first time for everything.

Here's a thought: If Mike wants to do some real good for the country, he should put a bounty on Mitch McConnell's head (a political bounty, of course - I'm certainly not advocating violence). Bloomberg could declare that he's funding a PAC with vast sums of money that will fund anyone running against Mitch. Perhaps even Republican primary challengers.

Now that would be a billion well-spent. Much better than the money thrown down the drain on his ridiculous campaign.

In fairness, I think he's doing some good with his anti-gun stuff. But I'm glad he's not going to be our next president.