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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post

Bidens plan could pass. It's pretty minimal.

If Biden passed his plan as it is, that would be a meaningful increase in the quality of the health insurance system.

But Bidens plan calls for
  • A strong public option
  • Using anti-trust legislation to take on pharma and hospital monopolies
  • Let medicare negotiate pharma prices
  • Limiting price increases of pharma to the rate of inflation
  • Letting people buy pharmaceuticals from overseas
  • Increasing the supply of generics

All good ideas, and all of which would reduce costs. But I don't see congress passing them because the medical industry would fight these reforms tooth and nail. The medical industry doesn't want transparency, competition or price controls.

Democrats wouldn't even pass these reforms in 2009 when they had 60 senators.

I thought Biden had a plan to limit deductibles to $1000, but I'm not seeing that part of his plan anywhere right now.
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