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Originally Posted by divemaster View Post
Now, absentee voting I understand. I've done that myself, due to business travel or whatever. But just "early" voting because one can't be arsed to show up to the polls on election day? Not my bag, baby.
Here in Texas, we still had lines wrapping around buildings at some polling places hours after the scheduled close. The last voter at TSU waited nearly 7 hours to get into a booth. Some people aren't physically up to standing in line that long, or have obligations they can't leave for an indeterminate number of hours. Others may be reluctant to stand around in a crowd that long, especially with current worries (exaggerated or not) about contagion.

Without going into why the lines were like that, or what else should be done about it, those are reasons why someone might prefer to vote early. And if some people hadn't voted early, those lines would have been that much worse. Yes, voting early carries an extra risk of regretting your choice, whether because your chosen candidate drops out or because something comes to light that makes you rethink your decision, but some people would rather take that chance than take a chance on not getting to vote at all.

(Also, ranked-choice voting would help ameliorate the risk of throwing your vote away by voting early.)