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Originally Posted by UltraVires View Post
I very much agree. How is this going to work with the $2,800 limits? I know that you can create PACs but I thought it had to be more than "I'm John Smith and would like to help Joe Biden" I thought you at least had to make a pretense that it was larger issue advocacy and could not directly promote a candidate.
Thatís what I found so interesting about the new ad, the one I posted. Technically it is an ad from the Bloomberg campaign. Itís a straight up anti-Trump ad with no mention of any candidate name. The only Biden reference is the #GoJoe hashtag at the end.

But I think Dump Trump IS the larger issue in this case. So maybe it will be advocacy ads for healthcare, getting rid of Trump, gun control - with only passing references to the candidate. Although I think they can use footage of a candidate as long as they donít coordinate with the campaigns.

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