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How acceptable would "sane Trumpism" be? (not to you, but to America)

IMHO, there isn't that much public outrage over Trump's policies - that is, from moderates/centrists - it's more the packaging that causes the outrage than the product. The packaging is Trump himself - someone who tweets dozens of childish-sounding, petulant Tweets per day, comes from an outrageous reality-TV background, etc.

Suppose that a sane, calm, dignified Republican president were endorsing every single one of Trump's policies - building the wall, caging kids, trade war, appointing right-wing judges to the courts - but did so without a single Tweet, spoke and wrote with a lot of gravitas, released all his tax returns, had no skeletons in his closet, etc. - I think such a president would have approval ratings well upwards of 50% and, in fact, be coasting towards an easy reelection victory right now. He would be considered "acceptable" by most of America - not Dopers, and not to many Democrats, but he would certainly be considered more palatable than Trump, despite espousing all of Trump's policies to the letter.

Here on the Dope, people object to both Trump's persona and his policies - but IMHO, much of America, and many swing voters, wouldn't mind Trumpism if it were a different, more dignified person preaching them instead. What say ye?