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In general, I agree with this. There is a percentage of the voting populace who responds positively to someone who exhibits a sober dignified demeanor, regardless of policy, and respond negatively to the opposite.

Regarding the "what", the policy priorities, I would expect any President to prioritize trade, immigration, tax policy, and international conflicts. The principle of protectionism that seem to drive Trump is in the spectrum of legitimate policy choices that one can debate.

The top level "how" Trump is addressing these priorities is also worthy of serious debate (a wall for immigration, tariffs as a lever in trade negotiations, tax cuts to the top earners, etc.)

However, with Trump, the built-in nonsense chaos tornado prevents these types of serious debates. Which I believe is unintentional, but provides cover for those who don't really want to have a serious debate on merits.
Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.
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