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Here's the thing about policies. How you go about them is just as important as what the goals are. It's entirely possible to have a desirable goal, but go about "achieving it" in such a ham-handed manner that it destroys any positive gains you get from having a desirable goal in the first place.

The best real-world example of this is Trump's approach to North Korea's nuclear weapons program. I've supported closer engagement with NK for years, because I think this is ultimately the only way we can reduce the risks of NK's nukes. But the way Trump has gone about engaging NK is mind-numbingly stupid. A more rational President, going about this in a more rational way, would most likely have my complete support. But Trump? Fuck that guy, I want him to shut up, because he's just making things worse, even though the ultimate goal of deescalating the NK situtation is a good idea.
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