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Originally Posted by erysichthon View Post
The OP's thought experiment is something I've considered before, and I think this is the correct answer. Much of Trump's base LOVES that he's a blustering d-bag with no filter. If he didn't behave like that, he wouldn't have had a reality TV career to use as a springboard into politics, and he wouldn't have been elected. He'd just be another rich political dilettante like Bloomberg and Steyer.
I tend to agree. For all his failings (and they are many), Trump can work a crowd. He is the consummate salesman; he knows how to read an audience, play to their weakness, get them to like him, and get what he wants from them. He could be selling used cars or tariffs on China, it doesn't matter. Always be closing.

I really detest the pep-rally aspect of politics. I also can't deny that it works.

ETA: When I say "it works", I mean that it gets people elected, not that we wind up with better leaders.

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