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Trump administration incompetence with regards to coronavirus -- need more examples!

His speech last night was scattered and full of errors, among them:
  • Erroneous claims about what insurance companies would cover
  • A ban on all travel and cargo from Europe, except not really cargo and not from the UK, oh, and not US citizens either
  • No actionable advice except "wash your hands"
I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the incompetence these guys have exhibited so far. We've been saying since 2015 that Trump was unfit to lead this country, and now he's proving it.

I'm canvassing in Wisconsin the next few weekends and I'm sure this will be a common topic. I'd love to have talking points about what a competent administration would have done and said differently, and how that would have changed what's happening.

Bring it on, Dopers!
I'm not expecting any surprises.