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Sigh. I remember when Missouri used to be a bellwether state. Alas.

In 2016, Trump beat Clinton 56.4%-37.9%, about 1.6M to 1.1M votes. I'd love to see us go blue again, but that's going to be a tough climb. We'd have to get a hellacious turnout in the St. Louis and KC metro areas plus Boone County (Columbia, MO, where Mizzou is), plus convince at least some rural voters that not selling soybeans to China was kind of bad for them. Possible, but it's not going to be easy.

In 2008, McCain beat Obama here by only 0.1%, about 4000 votes. Romney took MO by almost 10% in 2012. So we haven't been solid red forever, but we've been heading in the wrong direction the past two cycles. And Joe Biden is no Obama, so I don't see him reversing that direction.

All of which makes me sad.