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That kind of high-minded, high-ground, low-key, "lead by example", "deeds not words" strategy is...well, it's just bad strategy IMO. Low information swing voters are not smart or perspicacious enough to catch on unless you really pound it into their thick skulls.

Originally Posted by HMS Irruncible View Post
The debate over politicizing tragedy will be endless. The advantaged team will claim it vindicates their policy; the disadvantaged team will cry callousness and bad luck.

There is nothing wrong with saying we elected a bad person who defunded public health and pandemic readiness, and we are now facing a pandemic, and he is now treating it mainly as a recession risk. Literally he had one job to do, he failed to do it, and he keeps failing by the day.


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Democrats would look foolish if they deliberately politicize the crisis; they should simply call for more testing and for better access to healthcare - that's all they need to do. Economically, they need to urge more direct stimulus in the hands of households and businesses - that's pretty much it. Let Trump hang himself with his own rope. This is the kind of crisis that will expose Trump, just like Katrina and the housing crisis exposed Bush.

So you think it was a mistake for Biden to call Trump out for his mismanagement of the crisis in his presidential-style address today (Thursday)? I strenuously disagree.
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