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Originally Posted by Little Nemo View Post
Jumping in late here.

What I feel the Democrats should do is not make a political issue out of this. This is both a national and a global crisis. They should offer their support to any efforts being made to address the situation. And not make it an issue of partisan politics.
You know, of all the possible candidates for president, which one would you most want to be in charge during a pandemic? The answer seems absurdly obvious, almost trick-question obvious: Elizabeth Warren. But we don't have that option anymore. Sigh.

Pelosi is handling things well, by which I mean making a clear, specific proposal and then negotiating for its passage without engaging in partisan sniping. The politics comes in when McConnell and Trump act like partisan hacks. Pelosi can criticize their responses, but should do so by comparing what they've failed to do to the specific proposal they could pass but haven't, and promising that a Democratic government will act quickly, specifically, and pragmatically in the face of a real crisis.