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I am astounded by OP's thesis. Trump is
  • Actively pushing policies to enrich the already-rich at the expense of the poor and working class,
  • Repealing, whether with legislation or executive action, environmental protections, consumer protections, employee protections, and other regulations,
  • Decimating U.S. government science, once the envy of the world. He has also stripped the State Department of its best personnel, and so on. Much of the damage is almost irreparable,
  • Treating immigrants, whether legal or not, without compassion. Students with valid visas have been turned around at airports for worshiping the wrong God,
  • Following a course in Middle East relations advised by nobody at all except his fellow dictators and the right-wing Jewish lobby.
  • Changing Iran from a country on a better track, to being a major U.S. enemy once again developing nuclear capabilities. Trump's foreign policy decisions have been so stupid that it's hard to believe he is NOT acting as Putin's puppet.
  • Making blatant corruption the new norm for American politics,
  • Preaching that the media is the enemy,
  • Giving new vitality to racists and bigots of all sorts,
  • Et cetera.

I hope OP is auditioning for The Onion. I pity him if this thread is ingenuous.