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Right now, I'm spitting mad at both parties. The GOP for being evil, and the Dems for not getting the word out.

The bill the House just passed with White House approval was likely the best the Dems could do if they wanted to get something passed right away, and let's face it, time is of the essence here.

But it contains two HUGE exceptions to the paid sick leave requirement: employers with 50 or fewer employees can file for a hardship exemption (there's at least an argument for this), and employers with 500 or more employees.

When Pelosi announced this deal, she should have been angry AF about this, rather than pretending it didn't exist.

There should have been nobody even arguing for an exemption for big businesses. Nobody. GOP motherfucking delenda est.

Every Dem on the Sunday political shows this morning should be talking about this, talking about how incredibly EVIL the Republicans are that there's even a question about this.

God damn, Dems, stop treating Republicans like decent people who happen to disagree with you! The things they disagree with you over are quite often matters of good and evil - and when that's the case, you should be making no bones about it.