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Originally Posted by SlackerInc View Post
The strange thing is that, as one of the panelists on the National Review Editors podcast lamented this week, for someone who might be "the greatest showman in political history", Trump is astoundingly bad at "playing the game" that Florida governors know so well, of standing up behind a podium with a group of experts and administrators and at least pretending to be commanding and reassuring.
Trump is a "showman" in the cheapest sense of the word. He's a two-bit carnival gasbag, flimflamming whatever fool walks by. (Just listen to him talk.) He has a reptilian sense of the self-entitled grievance that fools often have, and he appeals to that in the way a lizard automatically sticks out its tongue to catch flies.

It's not that Trump is such a great showman so much as there's a fool born every minute.