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Originally Posted by guizot View Post
Trump is a "showman" in the cheapest sense of the word. He's a two-bit carnival gasbag, flimflamming whatever fool walks by. (Just listen to him talk.) He has a reptilian sense of the self-entitled grievance that fools often have, and he appeals to that in the way a lizard automatically sticks out its tongue to catch flies.

It's not that Trump is such a great showman so much as there's a fool born every minute.
All politicians are showmen, sleight of hand tricks, telling "lies", letting people believe untruths. All to stay in power.

All of them. Turn the lights on them all and they all run for the nearest cover, like cockroaches.

Find a honest politician and I will find you one that doesn't hold office very long. There is a structural failure in politics.

My personal opinion is the massive amount of money flowing through and to them.