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Concord Catering / Mgmt, former defendants in Russian Troll case, WTF?

Two of those defendants, Concord Catering and Concord Management, will no longer be involved in the trial after prosecutors told the court they didn't think Concord Management was sincerely preparing its defense for trial.

"Your honor, we wish to drop charges against the defendants. They're obviously not taking this seriously, so why should we either?"

I'm not finding a more coherent explanation for the thinking of the Justice Department in opting to drop the Concord entities from their case. If they're worried that pursuing the matter would necessitate entering classified information into the record, it seems to me that reacting to that by dropping the matter would quickly signal to any other (or future) defendants that this strategy makes an excellent bluff, and none of them will "sincerely prepare a defense for trial" moving forward.

I'm probably being dense, but help me out here?