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While I don’t dare venture into the cesspool of the Bernie subreddit, it was common for people to follow Bernie around the country and couchsurf by finding hosts in whatever city he was giving a rally If you’re familiar with the rock band Phish or the Grateful Dead from years past, it’s very similar.

Another example is a person I worked with on the 2020 Pete campaign. She’d organized almost her entire dorm for Bernie in 2016, but then realized that a lot of people weren’t registered and missed the cut off, registered independent, or didn’t request an absentee ballot in time or registered at their parents house but couldn’t vote on campus. All that ugly boring paperwork stuff negates all the ‘enthusiasm’ for Bernie.

And, it’s also true that he’s got a small but very loud Twitter group, the average Biden voter probably doesn’t spend hours on Twitter every day. Even the despised boomers who still call it the tweety bird, well their Biden votes count just as much as an enthusiastic Bernie vote. This isn’t Olympic diving where your vote gets extra style points.
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