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Originally Posted by Kent Clark View Post
I think someone left the camera running after he finished the part of the message that was going to be recorded, and was hanging around waiting for the director, producer or campaign manager to tell him whether they needed to do a retake. And when no one did, his wife called him over.

I think outtakes do not equal dementia.

What do you think?
What do I think? President Trump is going to eat him for lunch at the Debates.

My Aunt went through the same thing. We would take her shopping and everything would be fine, but suddenly she would space out and just freeze. And when we finally got her attention, she would say, "Oh!" (Just like Biden in the video) and pretend that she hadn't heard us calling her or that she didn't know we were going to another part of the store. She went down hill in a hurry. Yet people think Biden can be the leader of the Free World for 4 years starting next January? Or are the people of the US actually being asked to vote for his chosen VP to be their President?
Its only funny until someone gets hurt, then its fuckin' hilarious!