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Originally Posted by Bijou Drains View Post
Bloomberg cutting all campaign staff April 1. He said they would stay on until November
I heard about this on The Hill a while ago. Here's more from your linked article that is titled: Mike Bloomberg Lays Off Staffers After Telling Them They've Been Exposed to Coronavirus; Health Insurance Runs Out March 31

After promising staffers to his campaign that they would be employed, no matter what happened, until November, Bloomberg is now laying off the staff, leaving them with no health insurance in the middle of the Coronavirus in NYC where the number of infected is really high. He also advised them that they've all been exposed to the Coronavirus by working in his offices.

After being told via email on Thursday that they had potentially been exposed to coronavirus, New York-area staffers for billionaire Mike Bloomberg's presidential campaign were laid off Friday. The staffers are expected to lose their health insurance at the end of March.

In the email sent to staffers advising them of their possible coronavirus exposure, Bloomberg campaign human resources said the infected individual had not been present in the offices since Monday.

"In the meantime, as a precautionary measure, we ask that you continue to stay out of the office and work from home for the next 14 days," the email said.
While he's pulling funds from people who really need help and who he promised to fund, his philanthropic fund will be funding the Coronavirus for $75M.

In cooperation with other charitable organizations, Bloomberg Philanthropies announced on Friday the launch of a coronavirus relief fund worth $75 million in New York City designed to help non-profits.
Somehow, he couldn't use any of the $75M to keep the commitments to his employees during a crisis where working for him infected them with a potentially deadly virus.

He gives a flimsy excuse for getting rid of the workers by noting that he is transferring his operation to the DNC to coordinate:

Bloomberg staffers across the country were told they would be losing their positions as his campaign shifted $18 million in funds to the Democratic National Committee in order to campaign against President Donald Trump in battleground states. The campaign's decision to coordinate with the DNC also includes the transference of Bloomberg campaign offices in some areas to state Democratic parties.
If he felt the DNC could coordinate an effort to defeat Donald Trump, he could have given all the money he spent, including all the ad money directly to the DNC from the beginning. He could have shifted the $410M in ads and $900M overall to the org he now says has the ability to coordinate an effort to defeat Donald Trump.

To me, that is a glimpse of what he would have been like as a leader.