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Originally Posted by RTFirefly View Post
They might as well be, in terms of delegate impact - especially given the delegate lead you're boasting about. What was it, a whole two delegates?

And then on March 3, 1,344 delegates got voted on. What's a difference of two delegates matter, going into that? It's the difference between a spoonful of water and Lake Michigan.

But feel free to continue making a big deal out of practically nothing, on account of your ridiculous hero worship of a small-town mayor who desperately wants to be a big shot. And I will feel free to continue mocking you when you do so.
And Pete would have won a decent chunk of those delegates had he stayed in.

I wish like hell Biden and Bernie would have sat this out, but they didnít and here we are. Pete comes out of this primary season a winner and with a good job in the Biden administration. I have a feeling we will be back at this in 2024.
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