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For a while, a lot of Democrats flipped on gun control. There was a period where even the Dems in this board were admitting that gun control was a losing issue, and subsequently agreeing that certain types of gun control were foolish.

Alas, that moment seems to have passed.

Another period of clarity from Democrats came when they switched to being free traders. I think free trade may be even more accepted on the center left now than it is on the center-right But in the 70's and 80's free trade was a Republican idea, while the left fought for 'fair trade' to protect union workers and campaigned against foreign sweat shops and environmental standards.

Democrats also largely abandoned their support for industrial policy snd nationalization after Carter's deregulating of the airlines and trucking had the opposite effect that left-wing pundits and officials predicted, and after industrial planning in Britain and elsewhere failed. Sadly, Democrats seem to be moving back towards thinking they can plan and efficiently 'manage' the industrial economy. You can thank Bernie and the other hard lefties in congress for that.