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Originally Posted by RTFirefly View Post
You didn't provide a link, but aren't you quoting Buttigieg? How does that say anything about what the people who 'smeared' Buttigieg during the campaign are saying about him now?

ETA: What, there's still a primary going on? Even if the Bernistas would like to think or hope otherwise, nobody's paying attention to it. The coronavirus may be tiny, but it's swallowed what's left of the campaign for the nomination.
Corona is a wildcard. I could actually see a lot of people coming to the conclusion "Well, maybe we need to burn down the house after all."

We're going to have nearly 30-40% of the workforce unemployed in the next several months, even if only for a matter of weeks. THat's the kind of shock event that could force people to ask the question 'Wait, why do we rely on our workplace for insurance again?'

It's one thing to be young and go through a recession - most people come through that experience without getting a major medical bill. But when dealing with a pandemic, it's a totally different story. It's the intersection between a failed set of economic policies and a failed healthcare policy at the same time, and it might make people think, and even demand something new.

There's a reason that some of these insurance companies are *claiming* they're going to treat COVID cases free of charge

*Watch them deny coverages for specific situations once the contagion fades from public view.

Some people might look at this and think that this pushes Bernie out of the race, and maybe it does - but it sure as hell doesn't push his ideas out of the race. His ideas are as front-and-center as ever