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Originally Posted by samclem View Post
:::sigh::: It's taking longer than even Cecil thought.

Let me spell it out for you. I've become so used to saying "turn of the century" to mean about 1890-1910, that I've become sloppy. I didn't think that many people would think I was talking about 1990-2010. Guess I'll have to rethink.

Do you NOW understand than I was talking about the decades of 1890-1910?
I knew what you meant, but come on – the is the SDMB: if you leave a nit to be picked, picked it most certainly will be.

On which topic: you also referred to the phrase “sucks to be you” in that post, which to my mind is different from the “sucks to you” in the passage you quoted from the OED.

On a separate topic, though: can we clarify what we mean by “vulgar” here? It seems to me that in a discussion of this sort there's a useful distinction that could be made between words and expressions that are “vulgar” in the sense of common, coarse or unrefined, and those that are actually “obscene” in that they refer to sexual organs or activities.