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Originally Posted by Quartz View Post
But but but, Trump's a criminal, because YOU SAY SO. And that's good enough.

You know, I thought that in America you had the principle of presumption of innocence. Or doesn't that apply to people with an R after their name?
Based on the low bar set by the crowd who chanted "lock her up" about a woman who has still never been charged with a thing, calling Trump a criminal based on what we know about him is the mildest of accustaions.

Originally Posted by bobot View Post
That kicks in once you've been arrested and charged with a crime. Let's go there!
Yes, let's! Anyone other than a sitting president who committed the acts detailed in the Mueller report would have been hit with a dozen indictments already. I would pay good money to watch Individual #1 take the stand to defend his presumed innocence.
I'm not expecting any surprises.