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Originally Posted by steronz View Post
Right, if only there were some way congress could find out if he's lying.... maybe by pulling Trump's tax returns to see if they confirm what Cohen said.

This is a truly baffling defense of Trump here. Presumption of innocence does not mean people can't be investigated, and someone being a criminal has never precluded police or investigators from even considering the information they give. The world where congress can't follow up on a tip from Cohen because of either "presumption of innocence" or "Cohen lied in the past" is not not the actual world we live in. Those are not the rules we operate under. It's a non-starter.
Exactly right.

Some here seem to think that "presumption of innocence" means "you can't investigate me", or "after the investigation, you have to ignore the report, and only listen to my lawyer", or "I'm allowed to have my people lie during the investigation ,and that's OK"