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Originally Posted by Quartz View Post
But but but, Trump's a criminal, because YOU SAY SO. And that's good enough.

You know, I thought that in America you had the principle of presumption of innocence. Or doesn't that apply to people with an R after their name?
Ah yes, the presumption of innocence. That magical thing that means that when you are credibly accused of criminal behavior (for example, if your personal lawyer claims that you have been committing tax fraud for a long time), not only is it unreasonable for anyone to demand you face consequences for that behavior, but even the act of investigating whether those accusations are true or not is beyond the pale.

This is totally how the presumption of innocence works. No, really, guys, stop laughing.

The view from 4000 miles away is that they're just playing politics, keeping the issue bubbling.
Are you aware that Trump's lawyer testified under oath to congress that Trump almost certainly committed tax fraud?

If not, maybe you'd do well to stay out of a discussion you don't know the first thing about.

Originally Posted by Quartz View Post
Exactly wrong. As usual, you, like others, are failing to distinguish between defending Trump - which I am not - and pointing out a stupid and flawed attack. Contrast my comments on your post with my analysis of what the actual politicians are doing.
The problem is that your attempts to point out what you call a "stupid and flawed attack" are so utterly ridiculous that it's hard to read it as a good-faith defense of (nonexistent) legal principles and incredibly easy to read it as a bad-faith attempt to deflect attacks against Trump. No, the presumption of innocence does not mean that it is illegal for the authorities to investigate whether or not serious criminal allegations are accurate. That's not how any of this shit works and it boggles the mind to hear someone say something so wrong.